Everybody needs good neighbours…

You may visit your unoccupied property regularly to carry out security checks, you might ask friends to drive by from time to time. But there is no substitute to making friends with the people right on the property’s doorstep, which will result in a free 24 hour security service.

1. Introduce yourself

Make friends, talk with locals, borrow sugar! If your neighbours regard themselves as your friend, they will feel almost as protective about your property as you do. Ensure that they have your contact details in case of emergency, and make sure that they understand that you intend to be a good neighbour, and look after the empty property properly. Your immediate neighbours will have concerns over the property on their doorstep being empty, and an assurance from you that you are doing your bit will help to get these important allies on side.

2. Make roadside presentation an immediate priority

If the property has been unoccupied for some time before it has come under your control, it may well be looking a bit unkempt from the roadside. This will be causing your neighbours concern – not only is the risk to your own property increased, but the property is starting to bring the whole area down. If they see you immediately dealing with the presentation, clearing litter, cutting the hedge, painting the wall of fixing the fence, they will see you are one of them. Remember, however modest or grand the property is, the neighbours live there too, and want to be proud of their homes.

3. Ensure the locals see you frequenting the property.

The more often you visit, the less likely you will get uninvited guests. In addition, make sure the neighbours see you coming and going. Neighbours are naturally inquisitive, and will welcome the chance to have a quick chat about progress. This will allow you to keep up to date with intelligence about local concerns, and react accordingly.

4. Ask your new friends to be your ‘eyes and ears’

Its simple really. What you want to happen is for the phone to ring if there is anything to be concerned about at your property. If your alarm goes off in the middle of the night and you’ve never spoken to anyone, they will ignore it and complain about you the next day.
If they are your friend, they’ll call you, and the police.