Unoccupied commercial property

Empty commercial premises advice

There’s no doubt about it – the UK seems to be totally in love with property. Whether it is the overwhelming desire to have our names on the title deeds to our own homes, or whether it is buying holiday homes, second homes, properties to do up / convert / extend, or a simple residential property to let. But few of us enter into the commercial property market.

Commercial property hasn’t always been an easy ride, with a market price slump in 2008 falling almost overnight by over 40%, due principally to the US sub-prime mortgage collapse. But, you can make money with commercial property and handled correctly, the rewards can be magnificent if you get it right.

Commercial property with mixed use

Part commercial, part residential, part empty, part occupied – don’t panic. It’s all manageable.


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Whatever you are aiming to achieve, if you upset the planners, you are going to end up in stormy seas.